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“I LOVED this presentation”

Anonymous Workshop Participant

Trained as an Applied Social Psychologist, Jamie is a Full Professor and Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Management at the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada. Jamie has had a lifelong passion for knowing how to live and work as richly and effectively as possible, and is a founding member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, where he served two terms as Chair of the board. He lives in Guelph with his wife and two children.

Learn more about him by reading his interview with Authority Magazine.

“Jamie delivered a powerhouse, thought-provoking keynote presentation. It’s no exaggeration to say that the audience was hanging on his every word. He was great at waking everyone up and getting them to listen and learn how to make positive changes in their lives. Everyone wants him to return soon to deliver a full-day workshop.”
— Frances MacCusworth, President, Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association
“For me, this was by far the best presentation we have had over the last two years. Dr. Gruman was the type of speaker I expected... an expert in his field seasoned in how to deliver his content.”
“One of my favorite sessions... He gave us practical tools that we can use that I would consider advanced.”
“Pretty awesome content and presentation. I loved how candid Jamie was.”
— Anonymous Workshop Participants
“What a great use of my time this morning. Thank you Jamie Gruman.”
— Kelly Warmington, Session Attendee
“Jamie had our senior leaders sitting on the edge of their seats! He is an excellent speaker able to share his knowledge in an engaging and interactive presentation style that will resonate with all audiences. His lessons have made their way into our organization’s vocabulary.”
— Melanie Laflamme, Senior Vice President Human Resources and Organizational Development, YMCA of Greater Toronto